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Look no further than Roth Tax & Financial Services! Dave is not only excellent at what he does, but it is obvious that he really loves it, and will put that passion to work for you. He had no trouble handling my taxes with multiple businesses, states and various deductions, and even helped me identify a few that I had been missing out on. And when it comes to investing advice, he's willing to put his money where his mouth is, and he isn't afraid to show you that the strategies that he recommends are the ones he personally employs. But more importantly that all of this, he was able to make my wife enjoy talking about money, which is a miracle! Go see Dave!

-Matthew Beaumont, New Jersey

My previous accountant literally disappeared when the IRS sent notice of an audit. Dave Roth was highly recommended by colleagues. Professional and reassuring, he re-filed the returns correctly, minimizing the fees and penalties and handling all communication with the IRS. His knowledge, organization, and personal commitment is the best I've encountered having had many accountants in 25 years.

- Martin Kildare, California

Dave Roth came to me from a mutual colleague with extremely high regard! I had been searching for someone with Dave's expertise for a few years and always came up empty handed. He is the first Entertainment Accountant I've ever worked with and I was so blessed to find him last year. He is extremely professional, diligent, and truly goes above and beyond to make sure my taxes are done right. As a self-employed professional, it was important for me to find someone who had extensive knowledge of this business and Dave knew exactly what to do. I will never use anyone else and couldn't recommend him enough!

- Tristian Luysterburg, New Jersey

After going through a number of entertainment accountants my wife and I finally found Dave Roth! We felt comfortable with Dave and appreciated the manner in which he presented all the details of our filing to us. We are confident in his abilities to get our often complex taxes done right. There's no one else I could ever see us using.

- Philip Coiro, New York

I've worked with Dave for two years and will continue to as long as I can! Very thorough and prompt.

- Courtney Miller, Florida

Dave was extremely accessible, professional, and most importantly, VERY clear about all the aspects involved with my taxes. I would highly recommend him!

- Patrick Goodwin, New York

Dave is no nonsense. He also found a slight error with our previous return's property deduction (with a different accountant) and helped us clear it up with no problems. So now we're sure going forward it's going to be right with no headaches.
I can definitely highly recommend Dave. Get your taxes done with him!

- John Ferrari, New Jersey

I have the utmost faith in Dave's work and am so glad that I started working with him! Highly, highly recommended!

- Matt Rybicki, New York