Gain Back Your Financial Independence!


I started investing about 20 years ago but did exactly what I now say not to do.  I gave my money to fund managers in the hope that they would make all the correct moves and do well for me.  Well......that didn't happen.  About 13 years ago I decided I had had enough and needed to take control of my own financial destiny.  I had been researching that very thing for 10 years and was ready to go the road alone.  I dreamed that my choices would be correct but I never dreamed I would do this well. 


I am not saying that you need to do exactly what I have done.  What I am saying is that with just a little effort and very little time you can control more of your future financial security.  You have worked hard for what you have and you deserve to see it grow.  It isn't all about investing.  I will also walk you through practical steps to pay down debt and organize your finances to allow you to save while still enjoying life.  I am confident that after just one session together you will be on the right track to financial health and future wealth.  Please don't wait to do what I put off doing for far too many years.  


Hopefully this will inspire you to get moving.  If you had started from $0 and put just $100 a month into investing and got only half of the return that I have earned, you would have over $600,000.00 in 30 years.  Imagine what you could do with even a little more money and getting my returns .... or even better!!!  The sky is the limit.


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Here at Roth Tax & Finance, I am dedicated to you and all your different accounting needs.


No one likes to do taxes.  Well, except for me.  Over the years I've learned how much people were paying for their accountants and was appalled.  I also find it disconcerting how many tax professionals make up deductions and pad numbers in order to get a higher refund for their clients yet leave them high and dry when the IRS comes calling for an audit.  I believe in accountability when doing taxes and that allows you to sleep better at night knowing that you were represented in an honest and fair manner.  


I also believe that you should know what you are paying when you hire an accountant.  I will not charge you a fee for every form and schedule that your particular tax situation calls for.  A great deal of the work is generated by professional tax software and I don't believe that should be passed down to the client.  Also during the tax season I will take the time to sit down with you or speak to you over the phone to help with any questions without charging you extra consulting fees.  


Above all, please make sure you trust the person you entrust your taxes too.  You alone are responsible for the ramifications of mistakes and liberties that are taken.  Just as I teach with managing your finances, no one cares about your money more than you.  Make the right choices!


Professional Tax Preparation & Investment Planning​​



Tax Preparation

  • $400 - Single filing with the IRS & one state

  • $450 - Joint filing with the IRS & one state


  • $25 - for each additional state filing


  • Corporate & Partnership returns start at $500


Financial Planning & Investing

  • $400 - One time planning & training session that lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the client's needs.  Learn how to increase your wealth without having to be a day trader or an expert in the investment world.